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The P.V. Nunes Band

The P. V. Nunes Band

(Lighthouse Records)

By Scott Gudell

 These boys are a bunch of northern born and raised professional but they certainly got their musical spirit by digging deep in southern soil.  A bit of Appalachian, some good old country, some sassy New Orleans vibes and more all radiant from the disc.  The P.V. Nunes Band (Paul Nunes) is a quintet of skilled journeymen who collectively have well over a century of musical experience.  This self-titled disc is their first release and the years of experience shines through from start to finish. 

 A succinct statement greets you when you visit their web site and accurately defines what you’re about to hear – “North Coast Americana, All Originals.”  At approximately twenty-two minutes for this disc, it hovers somewhere between a long EP or a short LP.  The gentle acoustic instruments (including dobro, banjo, lap and acoustic guitars) easily drift in and out of the discs half a dozen songs.  I’m Gonna Walk (I’m Gonna Run, I’m Gonna Fly”) opens the set. It’s a joyful song of emancipation from work while, a few songs later, you’ll get some sage advice from an experience elder on “You’ll Thank Me Later.”  The theme and inspiration for “Don’t Go Drinking on and Empty Heart” is – as you can probably tell by the song title  – straight out of a classic country ‘n’ western songbook (even though it’s yet another P.V. Nunes original.)  It’s brisk and easy and grabs your attention as Paul tells his tale of procrastination and lost opportunities.  The abbreviated disc ends with “September (I Should Have Thought of That in May”) which yet another acknowledgement to putting things off.

 Each individual in the group is a master at his instrument while Nunes’ lyrics delight with subtle twists, a few surprises and plenty of great hooks.  Now it’s time to hop in the car and catch them at your favorite honky-tonk. 


(Editors Note: More info at PVNunesBand.com)   

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