On The Air:

Jim Sidoti

uve_klvdJim Sidoti
is a native of Rochester NY and St. John Fisher graduate. He tried a few different career paths including accounting before realizing his heart belongs in radio. Jim is the only DJ in town that can do your tax return while mixing John Mayer into John Mellencamp without missing a beat. Now that’s talent!

Jim likes to get involved in social events around town, meeting new people and trying new things. He has even tried blueberry ketchup at a local eatery which he found surprisingly good! Some of his favorite sounds include snow crunching under his shoes (hello Rochester), old typewriters, and the sound that comes from dozens of televisions being on the same channel at the appliance store. We have kind of an eccentric bunch here at WARM 101.3 really.

Jim is color-blind and tone-deaf but he makes up for it in other ways like playing the drums in a local band. One of his favorite things is sitting in airports during layovers eating chicken wings, caught in limbo somewhere between here and there. Like we said, no shortage of eccentricity here.

Jim likes being creative and staying active most of the time, and on other occasions he just wants to sit on the couch and binge watch The Flintstones or take a long walk on the beach.

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