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The Parks in Philadelphia Are Getting Criticized for Installing High-Pitched Noise Machines to Keep Teenagers Away

Some fun with technology in this weeks email.  You may have heard of these before . . . but some parks in Philadelphia have been installing sound machines that play a high-pitched sound all night.

Why?  Because of younger people . . . like people under 25 . . . can hear the sound and they HATE it.  Older people can’t really hear it.

And the theory is that it keeps teenagers out of the parks at night.

But some people are criticizing the city for putting the noise machines in their parks, saying it discriminates against teenagers.

The city has already got them in 30 parks and they cost $5,000. 

It works too.  Try it out for yourself.  You can hear the audio demo at MovingSoundTech.com 

You can hear the audio on the lower right hand of the screen.  And yes, if you don’t hear anything, that means you’re old.)

Pat Rivers
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